Favourite 13

1. 5 films: La dolce vita, Das Leben der Anderen, Moszkva tér, Mr Nobody, Klass

2. Actor: Leo DiCaprio (was years ago)

3. Actress: don’t have any (hm)

4. Perfume: Versace White Jeans (RIP)

5. Book: there are  a lot (no kidding, bookworms will understand… you can’t choose 5… from thousands)

6. Clothing brand: anything cheap, nice and comfortable :-)

7. Eye colour: bright green or light blue

8. Food: pizza, pizza, pizza… and cookies

9. 5 songs: BFMV – No Control, 30STM – Hurricane, Tankcsapda – Mindig péntek, AC/DC – Whole Lotta Rosie, Katatonia – Criminals aaand the others…

10. Album: Linkin Park – Meteora, 30STM – Beautiful Lie, BFMV – Scream, Aim, Fire, Guns N’ Roses – Appetite for Destruction, RHCP – Californication (and so on…)

11. Lipstick colour: WTF..?!

12. Drink: Tea, tea, tea and Cuba Libre…

13. Animal: beagle puppies


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