Feeding my D(epression)

Oh, i knew it, I so knew it, but still did it…

Watched the movie Before Sunrise. Yes, that cute one with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy.

Holy Cookie, it was a huge mistake.

I am officially stupid now. And really upset, and it was so predictable. This story hurts me beacuse of twenty thousand reasons, tears up my scars and pours salt on them. Half-tamed, half-buried memories are screaming in my mind right now, yeah, I’m a mazochistic idiot. Surprise, surprise…

Well, it’s a stupid movie anyway, the girl’s wearing a sleeveless dress all night while the guy has his leather jacket aaand, the French female is the naive romantic character while the American is the sceptic and sarcastic one, well THAT  is totally unrealistic, aaand…. fuck that shit. :(

I need some tea, I guess.

With rum.


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