Bubblebath and Masquerade (1.)

masquerade_ii_by_sitamushroom-d33gb0iThat evening… I had that ominous feeling.

I shouldn’t go. Something really bad will happen.

I got my skinniest jeans and a ‘sexy’ black top on, beacuse if I don’t wanna go out, I always need a disguise. I was young, blonde, single and kinda crazy in those days. I was searching for a sign of life or the death itself… anything vivid.

The party took place in the old movie theater. I was fooling around on the balcony, splashing champagne on the dancing crowd below me. I wanted to cry so I laughed loudly and then… I saw him.

He was heartbreakingly attractive in that neurotic slim body-big eyes-fine features way. Leaning against the wall, staring at me… he wasn’t smiling. He looked familiar, I just couldn’t take my eyes off him.

I should have run away when I realized he was drinking water.


To Be Continued…


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