Mythological OCD and Freaky Little WASP Girls

So, True Detective, season 2, episode 1 around 33rd min. the old hipster squirrel says in a dreamy voice: ‘Athena, goddess of love’ and it drives my crazy.
Maybe it was ironic, maybe it was part of the concept (fake guru character), but still. And his daughter doesn’t correct him (argh).
Athena is the goddess of a dozen things like wisdom, arts, crafts but the fucking (literally) goddess of love is Aphrodite, for goddess’ sake.

I just started the Pretty Little Liars, and that pilot, wow… cheating, shoplifting, corrupting with sex, (underage) student – teacher make out, interracial teenage lesbian vibes, weed smoking…
Missing girl? Murderer at large? Creepy texts and messages (that could be tracked down by the police like in two seconds, these girls don’t watch Criminal Minds?)?
Well, who cares, brave new world.


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