Being Betrayed Syndrome

johnnymorant1It should have its own name.

You can feel that he’s hiding something. Fake half-smiles, gappy stories. He’s tense. He’s glowing. You can smell that sickening odor of the professional lies. You’re not stupid, of course you recognize it… somewhere deep inside.
You’re numb. You are the deer staring to the headlights of a rushing car. It’s coming, you can’t stop it. It’s going to smash your life but you don’t move. You know it but you can’t believe it.
Destiny shortly kicks in – you’ll see them. Maybe she’s younger, maybe she’s prettier than you. In the first moment you’re not sure, because you focus on him. On that stranger with his familiar face and gestures. The betrayer… who you loved from the very bottom of your fucking heart.

Aaand suddenly you feel your pulse overall your body.
You’re hot.
Your limbs are shaking and your stomach too.
You’d like to cry but you feel you’ll throw up immediately. Your body’s trying to get rid of his touch, so does your mind.
But your soul just can’t stop screaming. It’s got a mortal wound, and you want to die.

BBS is a dangerous condition.


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