Hate, death, fate + nightmares

soundofsilenceThe world adores you. You’re young, talented, beautiful and unique. A good man.
But I am the only one you let close enough to see your old, burnt out, ugly, desperate and evil moments.
I don’t think it’s a gift. Anymore.
It has nothing to do with trust, love or honesty.
We’re just stuck in a sick, wicked game in which you make cruel rules then waiting for me to rebel.
You can’t wait to catch me breaking them, so you could say: ‘See? You don’t really love me.’
I did. I do…
But I’m exhausted.
We never put a label on our relationship, it’s always been too complicated for that. So..
I guess it’s not a break-up, I know I could never leave you for good, but I MUST get rid of this borderline madness.
At least for a while.
Because I don’t wanna hate you.


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