Times are changing(?)

About 3 months ago Hungary was called a nazi bastard for building a fence on its borders to save itself (and you like it or not, Europe, too) from masses of illegal ‘refugees’.
Some ‘more civilized’ countries gave us lessions about how to react millions of unknown people – we have to be happy and take in all of them, because they are poor, innocent victims and will raise our GDP to the skies.


And then, well, things happened.
First, the ‘civilized countries’ crossed their borders, too. (Maybe they became bored with the wonderful GDP.)
In November, a horrible tragedy.


And on New Year’s Eve in Cologne – large groups of ‘Arab-looking’ men sexually assaulted hundreds of German women. And the anti-European media still tried to cover it up.
It failed.
And now…


Take care of yourself, gals.

Greetings from the nazi Hungary.

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