Gang rape? Who cares, he got medals!

The member of the Board of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, Coach of the National Swimming Team, Vice Mayor of the Hungarian town Százhalombatta, László Kiss is a convicted criminal. He is guilty of gang rape (!), and served 20 months(!) in prison 55 years ago. After that he just continued coaching young girls by the pool, like nothing happened.
This heartwarming little slice of information hit the publicity  two days ago, and his reaction… Resigning? Shame? Apologies?  Of course not, don’t forget, we’re in Hungary.
‘It would be beneath my dignity to explain myself after 55 years’, he said.
That’s all.
The President of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, also Vice President of the LEN, Tamás Gyárfás (who has his own history with the authorities himself) was like: “well, it was a  known fact, it happened 55 years ago, he served his time, he proved he was a great coach since then, so many medals, and stuff, anyway, he’s been somebody in this scene when I even got here, so deal with it.”
Europe, 2016, my fellas.


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