BFMV – Gravity

We can’t say we haven’t got warning signs.
The first unveiled three new songs, the creepy Tuck interviews (‘experimental….’ ‘trying something new’…  ‘I had to convince the others in the band that this was necessary’), another label, another producer, another whatnot…
So I’m not exactly shocked or angry, I’m just disappointed, and somehow tired. Sick and tired of witnessing my favourite bands losing their balls and turning into some electro-pop radio-friendly, mediocre piece of shit.

Actually, I don’t hate this album, I don’t think it’s bad. I’ve caught some really nice lyrics, for example. But it isn’t good, either. And it’s definitely NOT Bullet For My Valentine.
I’ve heard these songs for a thousand times before. From other bands, like Bring Me The Horizon, Breaking Benjamin, Asking Alexandria, Escape The Fate or Tokio Hotel, you know.  The shitload of autotune, and this painfully obvious we-used-leading-computer-instead-of-the-leading-guitar vibe. They are already invented, so don’t tell me, dear Matt, that this is your experimental stuff, and all the brainwashed teenage fans should shut the fuck up about evolving.
Gravity is a decent title… or it should’ve been Matt Tuck’s midlife-crisis?





Not as shitty as the new 30STM songs, but…

Lyrics: 6/10 (same old shit but without metaphores or any figure of speech, not very smart)
Music: 6.5/10 (quite generic, no guitar solo, no kickass riffing, no NOTHING, a route to the mainstream, really?)
Production: 5/10 (unnatural, mechanic, and why did you put poor Matt into an aquarium?)
Originality: 2/10 (we’ve heard this before a thousand times on Breaking Benjamin or Escape The Fate albums, thx)
My only hope that this is the softest song on the new LP…