Gang rape? Who cares, he got medals!

The member of the Board of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, Coach of the National Swimming Team, Vice Mayor of the Hungarian town Százhalombatta, László Kiss is a convicted criminal. He is guilty of gang rape (!), and served 20 months(!) in prison 55 years ago. After that he just continued coaching young girls by the pool, like nothing happened.
This heartwarming little slice of information hit the publicity  two days ago, and his reaction… Resigning? Shame? Apologies?  Of course not, don’t forget, we’re in Hungary.
‘It would be beneath my dignity to explain myself after 55 years’, he said.
That’s all.
The President of the Hungarian Swimming Federation, also Vice President of the LEN, Tamás Gyárfás (who has his own history with the authorities himself) was like: “well, it was a  known fact, it happened 55 years ago, he served his time, he proved he was a great coach since then, so many medals, and stuff, anyway, he’s been somebody in this scene when I even got here, so deal with it.”
Europe, 2016, my fellas.

Times are changing(?)

About 3 months ago Hungary was called a nazi bastard for building a fence on its borders to save itself (and you like it or not, Europe, too) from masses of illegal ‘refugees’.
Some ‘more civilized’ countries gave us lessions about how to react millions of unknown people – we have to be happy and take in all of them, because they are poor, innocent victims and will raise our GDP to the skies.


And then, well, things happened.
First, the ‘civilized countries’ crossed their borders, too. (Maybe they became bored with the wonderful GDP.)
In November, a horrible tragedy.


And on New Year’s Eve in Cologne – large groups of ‘Arab-looking’ men sexually assaulted hundreds of German women. And the anti-European media still tried to cover it up.
It failed.
And now…


Take care of yourself, gals.

Greetings from the nazi Hungary.

My country, ladies and gentlemen

Dec 17 Hungary’s government on Thursday called on ministries and other institutions to cancel subscriptions with Magyar Telekom after the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary cancelled a sponsorship agreement with a government-friendly pop singer.

Singer Akos Kovacs told private television Echo TV on Sunday that he thought it was not a job of a woman to make as much money as a man and that women had better “fulfil the female calling by belonging to someone, bearing a child for someone”.

Magyar Telekom said the remarks were incompatible with the company’s diversity principles and withdrew a sponsorship deal with Kovacs, who is known for his support of the ruling centre-right Fidesz party.

The controversy was discussed at a government meeting on Wednesday, government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs told MTI on Thursday.